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Boise Naval Base-Art Under the Stars-BOSCO-Art Source Gallery


Boise Naval Base

An art collective performance group.

No, the Boise Naval Base is not related to any military branch whatsoever-they are an art collective with an affinity for quirkie titling. The collective exists to explore art through performances and more traditional exhibits, creating a hybird of both. The purpose behind these explorations is to initiate a broader awareness of contemporary issues in art and society by putting them out in the public eye. The latest performance by the Boise Naval Base is "Winner!" Audiences are encouraged to join the performers to "find out who the winner is," or to find out, what in the world that could mean. The collective's philosophy for this performance hinges on how we all want fame and fortune and recognition for our achievements, perhaps an Academy Award or Nobel Peace Prize thrown in as well. We all definitely want to win the lottery, most need to believe we're special so, more or less, everyone wants to be a winner. This is the night to find out who that winner is.

7 p.m., FREE, 904 Jefferson,

Art Under the Stars

From 5 to 9 p.m., 8th Street hosts the outdoor art gallery, Art Under the Stars. The public art gallery features local and regional artists, each showing and selling their work during the event. Featured art includes everything from mosaics and metal work to hand-carved spoons and photography, paintings and ceramics to fine jewelry and prints. Art Under the Stars is held each month on First Thursday with different artists selected, many of whom are current members of the Capital City Public Market. Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served. For questions related to Art Under the Stars, contact James Turner at 371-7004.

5 p.m., FREE, 8th Street, 371-7004.


The Boise Open Studio Collective Organization is hosting the Third Annual Open Studios Weekend. Thursday's reception at the Boise Art Museum presents the opportunity to talk with the participating artists, see a sample of their work and purchase a map/ticket. Maps locating all of the artists' studios and open days will be sold for $10. Getting to know the artists before showing up at their door may be best, though if you miss the reception and still want to peek through the studios this weekend, maps can be purchased at the Record Exchange, Flying M Coffeehouse, Boise Co-op and Boise Blue Art Supply. For more information, check out the story on BOSCO on page 34.

5 to 9 p.m., FREE, Boise Art Museum, 670 Julia Davis Drive, 345-8330.

Brown's Gallery

A group of nine professional, award-winning artists are featured throughout the month of June at Brown's Gallery. The eclectic show of both two- and three-dimensional works by the High Desert Art League enthusiastically share their ideas and dedication to their respective media in this exhibition. Admission to the league is by invitation only with a maximum membership of 12. Currently, High Desert Art consists of Kathleen Keiher, Norman Frater, Robert Pumphrey, Helen Brown, Cindy Biggs, Denise Newbold, Barbara Slater, Vivan Olsen and Richard Fredrick. The Blue Bird Jazz Ensemble will be playing at Thursday's event.

5 p.m., FREE, Brown's Gallery, 1022 Main St.

Art Source Gallery

The fourth annual Art Source juried art exhibition opens Thursday at the Art Source Gallery. Heather Ferrell, associate curator of the Boise Art Museum, is the show's juror. The 48-piece show includes Gyspy Gallery artist Marianne Konvalinka's digital pieces "Stella's Garden" and "Raining Violets." Gypsy Gallery artists have been accepted in a variety of juried shows, including the 14th annual national juried show at the Marcella Geltman Gallery in New Jersey and the Idaho Watercolor Society's 26th annual juried show beginning June 7 at Boise State's Student Union Gallery. For more information on the Gypsy Gallery, visit

5 p.m., FREE, Art Source Gallery, 1015 Main St.