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Boise Music Festival Ain't All Over the Hill Bands

Dozens of Locals On Bill


Audiophiles are decidedly unstoked about the Boise Music Festival. "Smash Mouth is so old, it might as well change its name to Smash Dentures," they mutter to one another in their moms' basements.

But the thing that is less talked about than the stars of decades past on the main stage is how many local and upcoming bands are on the bill. There are five other stages, each with a full program of groups that runs from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. So you could sweat it out to see Ryan Star at 900 yards back, or you could check out indie rockers Uintahs, pop-punkers Hotel Chelsea, jam-band Dangerbeard or even Boise's answer to Rebecca Black, Mr. Summertime in Boise himself, Poppa Joe.

Those groups and dozens more are all at the same festival and equally FREE.