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Boise Mountain Bike Film Fest

Thursday, July 21 at Knitting Factory


Grab a helmet, hop on a Schwinn and cruise down to the Knitting Factory for the second annual Boise Mountain Bike Film Festival. This year's festival includes the feature films Life Cycles and Pedal Driven.

According to the trailer, Life Cycles is not a bike movie, it's a movie about a bike. The film details the life cycle of those two-wheeled people-movers we love so much. Pedal Driven, on the other hand, is a bike movie. In fact, it's called a "bike-umentary." Pedal Driven focuses on the trail issues surrounding mountain biking. Mountain bikers love their trails and they love building them. The Forest Service also loves trails, but its motto, "Caring for the land and serving people," means they have to serve all people, not just mountain bikers. Pedal Driven looks at this debate and tells the story of trail building and mountain biking across the Northwest.

The Boise Mountain Bike Film Festival will also feature locally produced Foothills and Bogus Basin ridin' mountain bike films. All proceeds from the screenings will be donated to the Idaho Mountain Bike Trail Preservation Association and the Boise Bicycle Project, which was broken into last month and robbed of $1,000.

[ Video is no longer available. ]