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Boise Milk: At Your Doorstep


The milkman has returned.

At Boise Weekly, we've been talking about a return to the simpler times of food for a while now. Snagging a dinner salad from your own dirt or a breakfast egg from your own coop. The profusion of backyard gardens and the rise of urban chicken raising may be an indication of a larger cultural shift back toward the days of DIY, or it may just be a fad. Either way, both are the result of something with staying power--people consciously circumventing the industrial food process. Though BW can't help you grow backyard tomatoes in December, we can tell you about Boise Milk.

Almost four years ago, Boise State student Andrew Stolworthy decided to do something about the obvious absence of home milk delivery service in Boise. He approached Reed's Dairy, based in his native Idaho Falls, and got the go-ahead to start hauling milk across the state and delivering it to doorsteps throughout Ada County. Become a Boise Milk customer and what you'll get is hormone-free milk delivered in plastic, returnable jugs.

But milk is not all Boise Milk does; that's just where it all started.

The company also delivers orange juice and a line of products from DairyGold (including cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt and butter), but the really cool thing about Boise Milk is its dedication to local producers. Need eggs? I've been getting Oakdell eggs from Boise Milk, but Kuna-based Vogel Farms' eggs were just added to the delivery store, having been raised specifically for Boise Milk. The weekly minimum delivery order is either two gallons of milk or a gallon and a half each week plus eggs or bread. Since I would never go through that much milk in a week, A&E Editor Amy Atkins and I have worked out a deal. She gets the milk, I get the eggs and the whole order goes to her house. In addition to eggs, I've also been adding a loaf of Zeppole's ciabatta bread to the order every once in a while. Boise Milk delivers a huge selection of Zeppole products, and just in case you're wondering, the $3.89 I pay to have it delivered is the same $3.89 I'd pay to go fetch it myself. Although I've yet to tack on an order of Treasure Valley Salsa (based in Eagle) or an order of Ferranti Fresh Pasta (based in Boise), I keep threatening to. Once I polish off my stash, I'll also be adding Dawson Taylor beans onto Atkins' weekly delivery.

For more information on Boise Milk, visit For more information on how much you'll save when your husband doesn't go to the store every night for milk (and donut holes and cigarettes), just ask Amy Atkins.