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Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, Public Libraries Kick Off Sesquicentennial Event

Friday, Feb. 1


Editor's Note: The walking portion of this event has been cancelled due to weather conditions.

It's not every day you raise a glass for a sesquicentennial, and even rarer still that someone knows what that word means.

But for Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, this peculiar amalgamation of letters presents not only an opportunity to celebrate humankind's bipedalism, but also a chance to kick off this year's Read Me Treasure Valley, sponsored by Ada Community Library and Boise Public Library among other literacy-loving entities.

In the spirit of Boise turning 150 years old, Bieter, in conjunction with, has set out to walk 150 miles over the course of 2013, and he doesn't intend to do it alone.

"I hope to do as many of those miles as possible with residents committed to making Boise a better, healthier place to live," Bieter said in an official message on the Walk150 website. Bieter, who will be strutting his stuff down one mile of the Oregon Trail Reserve Friday, Feb. 1, urges people to lace up their sneakers and share in the festivities beginning at 10 a.m.

Prior to the walk, Bieter, Dan Popkey of the Idaho Statesman and Associate State Librarian Marj Hooper will discuss the importance of reading. During the kickoff, students from Les Bois Junior High will receive books for their school library.

Library representatives will be on-site throughout the event, recommending books on Boise's rich heritage of environment, enterprise and community.

Books presented range from the 1860s to today and cover topics including the history of the Treasure Valley's Basque, Latino and Native American population and the ever controversial Boys of Boise.