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Boise is for Suckers

Saturday, May 12, Neurolux


Candy Salad, the new album from Brooklyn, N.Y.-based band Suckers, reveals a complex and layered take on psych-pop that falls somewhere between early Roxy Music and Portland, Ore., band Nurses. The album is layered and luscious, for sure, but definitely smooth listening more primed for contemplation than making rowdy.

But the powerhouse dance band, which nearly tore a hole in Neurolux when it came through Boise in 2010, is another story altogether.

The group's sounds are just as spacious live, but they're played from the shoulder instead of the wrist, with thundering percussion and wailing of both the guitar and vocal variety. After the band turned heads at SXSW in 2010, it took the opportunity to chill for a bit and make a new album, which it will promote in Boise this week. Expect falsetto wails and hot bodies in motion.

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