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Boise Hawks Return to their Nest vs. Eugene Emeralds

Wednesday, June 20


Some insist that summer begins on Memorial Day or the last day of school. To that, we say, "pshaw." The real start of the season doesn't take place until the Boise Hawks take the field at Memorial Stadium, which will happen this year on the evening of Wednesday, June 20.

The boys of summer actually begin their 2012 season on the road, playing five away games beginning Friday, June 15, against the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. But the Hawks settle into their Garden City nest June 20, beginning a five-day home stretch against the Eugene Emeralds.

Wednesdays are pretty special at Memorial Stadium. Not including opening night, hump-days will feature the best sports bargain in town.

"A family of four can sit in the first-base section on Wednesday nights for $4," said Hawks General Manager Todd Rahr. "Plus, you can get four hot dogs for an additional $4, four sodas for $4 and four popcorns for $4. We'll even give you a free program and, of course, parking is free."

Rahr said his $16 all-in package deal on Wednesdays "might be the best-kept secret in town."

"There's still people out there who say, 'You're kidding me,' but we've kept it going since 2008," he said.

Rahr was still waiting to see the 2012 roster, which will be sent from the parent Chicago Cubs.

"But there's a pretty good bet that we'll see [shortstop] Javier Baez this summer," said Rahr. "He was the No. 1 draft pick from last year. The guy can flat-out play."