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Boise Gets Jazzed for Big Gigantic

Saturday, Oct. 20 at Knitting Factory


To the outside world, dubstep and EDM in general are the purview of a proto-hipster named Skrillex--who might actually just be Corey Feldman.

But the genre is booming, and one of its rising stars is Boulder, Colo.'s Big Gigantic. In addition to being the first band that dared to befoul the sacrosanct Red Rocks Amphitheatre with video projections, it has given the style a shot of old-school credibility in the form of frontman and recovering jazz saxophonist Dominic Lalli.

Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken trade licks like the jazz cats of yore but with space-age tones and a little of the ol' wub-wub-wub for the kids.

It's still louder than doctors recommend and likely to be slandered as "noise" when heard through the bedroom doors of teenagers, but damn if it doesn't have a touch of that old black magic.