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Boise Gets Between the Buried and Me

Tuesday, Nov. 29 at Knitting Factory


Metal isn't the most palatable of genres to the general masses. But as the herd thins, the craft elevates. And Raleigh, N.C.'s heavy metal fivesome Between the Buried and Me demonstrates that perfectly.

Since the group's grungy, 2002 self-titled debut, which nabbed BTBAM a deal with Victory Records, the band has progressed considerably. The band boasts five studio albums under its belt and a new EP, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues EP, which was released on Metal Blade records in April.

"Obfuscation," off of 2009's The Great Misdirect, features guitar reminiscent of the seminal Dragonforce. But on the new album, synth on the song "White Walls" and vocal stints that hearken back to '80s glam metal, mark the band's new sound. BTBAM is experimenting, but it doesn't skimp on the drum and fret work that keeps fans firmly in its grasp.

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