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Boise Fry Co. Announces New Locations and Saint Lawrence Gridiron Opens

Homegrown operations spread out


Boise Fry Company is spreading the gospel of fries with a burger on the side. The Boise-based fry chain just opened its first franchise location April 16 in Meridian at 2020 E. Overland, Suite 130. And it's not stopping there. "We have one scheduled in about two to three months from now in Portland, [Ore.] and one in about six months from now in Austin, Texas," said Boise Fry Company co-owner Blake Lingle.

Lingle says all BFC franchise locations will have to comply with stringent employee appreciation standards--like living wages, health and dental benefits, parties and paid vacations--along with local-sourcing standards.

"We have it specified that 80 percent of their potatoes need to be sourced within an eight-hour radius of their location, and 100 percent of the meat needs to be sourced within the eight-hour radius," said Lingle.

And there are some big BFC changes afoot locally, as well. Lingle says St. Luke's purchased the Broadway Avenue complex where BFC's original location is housed and plans on demolishing it after the tenants' leases expire later this year. So Boise Fry Co. has been searching for an alternate downtown location.

The company actually started construction in the former Le Cafe de Paris space a couple of weeks ago but ran into some complications.

"As a result of doing some of the construction, we found some issues that the landlord's going to have to address, and if the landlord can't address it for some reason, then we'll have to not occupy it, I guess," said Lingle.

Whether the new BFC opens at 204 N. Capitol Blvd. or somewhere else downtown, Lingle says they're considering adding a boozy element.

"We're thinking about potentially adding a brewing component to our downtown location," said Lingle. "It would be very, very small but it's largely because we've been making our sodas for the last couple of years. ... We started looking into soda equipment and a majority of how you mass produce sodas is similar equipment for how beer is made."

Around the corner from the former Le Cafe de Paris space, another local restaurant quietly opened its doors April 21 at 705 W. Bannock St. Saint Lawrence Gridiron is now open from 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Monday-Saturday, and features reclaimed wood accents, large windows and a sprawling patio area. The menu is peppered with meaty fare like bones on toast ($7), butter-poached lamb with braised fennel ($19) and a smoked brisket platter with quince onion relish ($22). The spot also has eight beers on tap and a diverse wine list with affordable by-the-bottle options.

For a peek inside the space and an explanation of what Ernest Hemingway, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have to do with the menu, click here.