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Boise Foothills to Gain One Black Mountain

Wednesday, April 17 at Neurolux


Any halfway-decent collector of used LPs has a battered copy of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, with its giant riffs, gothic organs and epic drums merging into a spookfest of black magic rock music.

That same black mass feeling is the foundation of Vancouver, BC's Black Mountain, which pairs early '70s rock and analog synth with more modern songwriting. The resulting songs could pass for unreleased tracks from classic and psych rock greats like Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple or even Big Brother and the Holding Company.

The band's most recent album is Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack, which is--as the title suggests--a soundtrack but for a post-apocalyptic surf film. On it, Black Mountain's sound remains as big and intimidating as its name suggests.