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Boise Film Festival

Thursday, Sept. 21 through Sunday, Sept. 24


The Boise art sphere has seen a groundswell of creative output in recent years. One area experiencing a surge is film, from longstanding events like i48 to newer additions like the Idaho Horror Film Festival and the annual Boise Film Festival. BFF is a multi-day extravaganza founded in 2015 by local producer and actress Lana Westbrook. This year, the fest will show off films from Idaho and beyond in an action-packed four-day weekend full of premiers, talks, panels and Q&A sessions. Idaho filmmakers and production company reps will be on hand, and a host of diverse events will have film buffs crisscrossing downtown for parties and screenings at multiple locations.

At BFF, the big screen gets even bigger. And here's BFF's big schedule:
See related PDF BFF_Schedule_as_of_9_18.pdf

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