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Boise Depot Open Again

The list is no more


The list is no more. Officials with the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department said they have thrown out their "preferred vendor" list for the city-owned Boise Depot.

As last reported by BW, the city tried to come up with a list of caterers who were "preferred" by the city. Although city officials said their list wasn't hard to get onto--anyone who applied got on, they said--some businesses said they never got the chance. Others said it was unfair to restrict access to the best place to do wintertime events, especially the one that's owned by taxpayers. As part of the new system, the 15 vendors who got onto the list would give 10 percent of their event revenue back to the city.

Not any more.

"We thank the vendors who took the time to apply and attend interviews," said Mollie Holt, superintendent of administration, in a prepared statement. "The current process of accepting reservations and catering services will be utilized until further notice."

That's music to the ears of Bill Green, owner of Chef Bill Green's Catering. He got a call from the office of Mayor Dave Bieter about the turnabout.

"I knew the mayor would do what was right," Green said.

Bieter spokesman Michael Zuzel said the mayor and Boise City Council had expressed concerns to the Parks and Recreation Department, but did not direct them to kill the list.

Just in time. At least two caterers who weren't on the list had indicated to BW they were consulting lawyers about the plan. In the meantime, Green has two gigs booked at the Depot for December.