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Boise Creative and Improvised Music Festival


Now in its fifth year, Boise Creative and Improvised Music Festival has seen the inside of several venues--Visual Arts Collective (in the Linen District), Neurolux, the El Korah Shrine--and is moving yet again. The Venue will house this year's event, and organizer Krispen Hartung is excited to hold it there.

"Every year is different; we try to mix it up," Hartung said. "What I like about this year is a new venue at The Venue, which I think is really cool because ... we will attract a younger audience ... I think a younger audience would be interested if we could get to them."

One aspect that will be included again this year is inviting visual artists to paint during the musical performances. Last year, the artists enjoyed the spontaneity of responding to music, working as improvisationally as the musicians.

In keeping with his experimental bent, Hartung is introducing a "mix and match" portion this year. For a two-hour block, musicians will be paired up randomly for 15-minute sets.

Although there was some concern that the Gene Harris Jazz Festival is the same weekend, Hartung isn't at all worried: He has percussion artist Tatsuya Nakatani headlining Friday and renowned jazz artist Bill Anschell on Saturday. Hartung sees it as a plus. "I think we can actually ride the coattails of that event. People see this, and they will make the connection: jazz, improvisation, free improvisation."

Friday, April 23, 7:30-10 p.m.; Saturday, April 24, 1:30-10 p.m. Admission to the festival is FREE. For a list of performers, visit The Venue, 521 Broad St.,