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Boise Council to Consider Extra Funds for Circulator Analysis, Esther Simplot Park Remediation


Ahead of a Tuesday, July 21 work session in which the Boise City Council will review a proposed budget for fiscal year 2016, it is also being asked to consider several budget changes before FY 2015 ends on Sept. 30.

The council will consider no fewer than 12 separate interim budget changes on Tuesday, including:

-$12,000 for a pump and well study in anticipation of a green-up project for the partially developed Boise Hills Park, which is slated for a $75,000 green-up in FY 2016.

-$15,000 for an appropriation increase to the Idaho Humane Society, attached to the city's prior purchase of 160 acres of undeveloped Foothills land from IHS.

-$66,500 for additional funds to the Downtown Circulator Analysis project, which is expected to be completed this November.

-$12,600 to extend the city's geothermal line to the JUMP/Simplot headquarters construction site (total geothermal construction costs will be nearly $450,000, which Simplot is expected to pay in exchange for an equal credit of geothermal service).

-$125,000 for sewer line repairs in connection with the addition of approximately 200 miles of sewer pipeline for the merger of the Bench and Northwest sewer districts.

-$4 million to the Solid Waste Fund for remediation at the under-construction Esther Simplot Park where, several weeks ago, industrial contamination was discovered requiring special disposal. The Solid Waste Fund is expected to repay $2.5 million to the General Fund in $500,000 increments over five years.