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Boise Contemporary Theater Presents Gruesome Playground Injuries


On elementary school playgrounds, there is often a fixture prime for high-altitude jumping. Kids catapult themselves off for no real reason other than falling sidelong into the gravel below. But such a tumble at that young, made-of-plastic age sometimes requires a trip to the nurse's office.

In Gruesome Playground Injuries, Rajiv Joseph (the American playwright behind Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo) places two characters on the paper-covered tables at the nurse's office. Eight-year-old Kayleen, suffering a stomachache, meets Doug after he survives an attempt to ride his bike off the roof of the school.

The play encompasses three decades in the lives of Kayleen and Doug, chronicling their powerful connection.

Joseph came up with the idea for the play with a friend over drinks in a New York bar, their tales of childhood injuries too perfect to pass up talking about.

Joseph tells their story with his unique, dark flair—the same style that made him a finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize with Bengal Tiger.

His wry comedy paired with a reverent approach to the beauty and pain of life--and his perfectly titled plays—create a wholly Holy experience. (Joseph originally trained to become a Catholic priest, eventually finding his passion in playwriting.)

Boise Contemporary Theater will open the nationally renowned play beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 25, and running through Saturday, Feb. 18, with several Saturday matinees.