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Boise Classic Movies: The Big Lebowski

Thursday, July 23


Sometimes a film is the film for its time and place. That's The Big Lebowski. It combines the whodunit of film noir with the jolly indolence of '90s slackerdom in a rich tapestry of quirky characters, inimitable dialogue and intertextual references that hang together as comfortably as an old bathrobe.

From the Dude's opening encounter with the rug pissers to the unraveling of a kidnapping, we meet a pederastic bowler, a band of nihilists, a "strongly vaginal" artist, a porn baron, a fascist police chief and scads of other weirdos. If all that sounds like rubbish, it's time to get wise to the Coen brothers' magnum opus, complete with a costume contest, white Russians, beer (aka "oat soda") and wine. It'll really tie your week together.