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Boise Brewing's Bottled Beer

Introducing 22-ounce bottles of the breweries core beers


Boise Brewing (521 W. Broad St.) has only been open for about a year and a half, but the community-supported brewery has grown by leaps and bounds. Following a capacity expansion in July 2015, our friends at BB have moved into bottling, turning out 22-ounce bombers the brewery's core beers: Black Cliffs Stout, Broad Street Blonde, Down-Down Extra Pale Ale, Hip Check IPA and Snowboarder Porter. The IPA and the porter are currently available at Albertson's, while the others can be purchased at the brewery. Here's a rundown of three of the brewery's most popular—and now bottled—beers.

Broad Street Blonde, $5

At 4.5 percent alcohol by volume and 16 IBUs, this is by far Boise Brewing's lightest, most sessionable beer. Featuring hints of apple on the nose, the blonde opens with fizzy citrus on the palate, fading into light, malty sweetness. If you have a patio, this bottle should be chilling along with you.

Hip Check IPA, $5

Easily one of BB's most popular beers, Hip Check is a master class in the IPA style. A deep amber in the glass, this dry hopped, 7.6 ABV, 100 IBUs brew is nothing to sniff at—of course, if you do, you'll pick up floral notes of high alpha hops. While it immediately fills the mouth with dense hop and alcohol flavors, its expert balance makes for a smooth, quaffable IPA that avoids the extremes often plaguing lesser beers of the type.

Snowboarder Porter, $5

Pouring a vague purple in the glass, the Snowboarder Porter gives off a nutty, slightly earthy aroma. Despite its deep coloring, the porter goes down lightly, leaving a faint, dusty aftertaste with hints of coffee. Weighing in at 5 percent ABV and 20 IBUs, this is a porter whose quality can be enjoyed in quantity.