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Boise Bot Competition


Whiz kids: grab your protective goggles. Things are a-bot to get messy. This Saturday, Sept. 12, at the Visual Arts Collective, robot-enthusiasts from near and far will come together to watch their creations duke it out gladiator-style in a variety of competitions. Humans pay $35 to enter their circuit board progeny into battle, and the robots are divided into three different size categories: Bug (less than 3 pounds), Kitty (less than 15 pounds) and Beast (up to 100 pounds).

Once they’re in the arena, the bots compete in three categories: “Out Think,” where Bugs and Kitties wind through a maze competing for best time; “Out Maneuver,” where Bugs and Kitties zip through a speedy Solar Dragster Race; and “Destroy,” where Bugs and Kitties take it to the ring for Sumo Battle, which consists of three, 60-second rounds. The only competition that Beasts are allowed to enter is the Junkyard Melee, where the beefiest bots duke it out to the rock ’em, sock ’em death.

Prizes will be handed out for individual tournament winners, Ironbot Trifecta (bots that survive all three challenges), best design and EpicFAIL—“the lil’ bot that didn’t.”

Those who want some help building their own Bug bots can head down early to the VAC and get pointers from the crafty re-purposers at the Reuseum. Those who have no desire to create their own robot death machines can throw down $5 to sit back, listen to music from New Radiant Storm King (featuring Peyton Pinkerton of Pernice Brothers and Silver Jews) and Floomdorm and enjoy the spectacle.

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2-8 p.m., $35 entrants, $5 spectators, Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St., Garden City. For more information, visit