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Boise Bike Week: Bike-In Movie

Thursday, May 14


This year Boise Bike Week, which kicked off with a neighborhood-to-market ride on May 9 and ends more than a week later on May 20 with a Ride of Silence at Camel's Back Park. Almost everything in between involves—you guessed it—climbing onto your bike saddle and pedaling somewhere. There are bike rodeos, parades, clinics and races, and precious few of the week's activities involve biking toward leisure or relaxation. One exception is the Bike-In Movie at Saint Lawrence Gridiron. Ride by SLG at 8:45 p.m. for a feature-length, bike-themed film projected onto the wall adjacent to the downtown gastropub. While there's no word yet on what movie will play, there will be beer, food and relaxation involved—a welcome respite from the physical rigors of pumping pedals.