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Boise Bike Nonprofit Makes a Bid for $250K


OK, BW readers, now is one of those times to put your money where your mouth is. In last year's Best of Boise poll, you voted Boise Bicycle Project the city's best nonprofit. This year, BBP is asking for your votes once again, and while the group wouldn't mind another Best of Boise nod, there's another vote organizers have in mind, and this win will bag the nonprofit bicycle co-op more than bragging rights: It'll get 'em a $250,000 check. Yowza.

Each month the Pepsi Refresh Project accepts 1,000 ideas from people, businesses and nonprofits. Those 1,000 ideas get whittled down to several hundred and the voting begins. Grant sizes range from $5,000 to $250,000 and because BBP is not only Boise's best nonprofit, but also perhaps Boise's most ambitious nonprofit, it's competing for the big enchilada. Its pitch is in the $250K category, and in order to win, BBP needs the most votes.

Both first and second place in the $250K category get a check, and when BW first pulled up BBP's rank, it was No. 190 out of 272. Twenty-four hours later, BBP had climbed to No. 72. As of press time a few days later, it had dropped to No. 84.

BBP Executive Director Jimmy Hallyburton said he knows the competition is stiff. He's going up against organizations fighting pancreatic cancer, recycling zoo poop and--the top competitor as of this writing--Clint Black's pitch to fund research on Rett Syndrome.

Hallyburton said BBP launched a marketing campaign in the Boise area to rack up the votes from local supporters, as well as reached out to bicycling organizations nationally and internationally. If they come out on top, BBP plans to use the money to purchase the building on Lusk Street near Boise State that it currently calls home. In addition, the money will help remodel the space, adding on a classroom and making the whole structure as green as green gets.

Voting continues through Thursday, Sept. 30. Log on to to vote once a day every day all month.