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Boise-based SF-to-Boston Ride Underway


"San Francisco to Boston" reads the cardboard signs bungeed to the backs of our bikes as we huff and puff up the Sierra Nevadas, scream down into Carson City, and grab fruits, carrots and Odwalla protein drinks from Raley's grocery stores.

We are just a week into our cross-country bike trip, and we have finished California and are on our way to Utah via Nevada's Old Highway 50. We've been super blessed with some great weather as we've biked through downtowns, vineyards, desert highways and mountainous areas. Our trip is not a race. We have three months to go from coast to coast, so if there is something cool to stop and see, we'll check it out. If it looks boring, we'll just keep pedaling.

While going through Sacramento, it was a warm day out so we decided to take a quick dip in the river. We are tourists on bikes, checking out the same waterfalls, fruit stands and whatnot on the side of the roads as do people in cars. We carry everything for our trip: camp stove, sleeping bag, sunscreen, travel towel, nail clippers, extra tubes, books, computer and cables, tools and GPS trackers. We are prepared for snowstorms in the Sierras, hot spells in Nevada, and can purify our own water. Camping off the side of the road or in campsites is our normal sleeping arrangement, but we have been taken in a handful of times by some wonderful people. The warm showers and beds are a real luxury when you fly by the seat of your pants. People love to hear the story of why we are biking, and they are excited when they see our signs. People honk, wave, give us thumbs up and even try to talk to us while they're driving by.

For Evan Chaney and I, this is a great travel experience and a way to see our beautiful country, but we also are cycling for the American Cancer Society to raise money and awareness in memory of our mothers, who both passed away from cancer. They were wonderful women who shaped us into the men we are, and I hope people start taking stock of their loved ones and not take them for granted. You never know how long you have with them. "You only live once" is our motto, and we hope to explore state and national parks along the way, as well as local cuisines, farmers markets and some tourist attractions. We eat a lot, so we like to ask the locals where we can find the hole-in-the-wall places.

Whenever we stop, we try to update our blog with pictures and stories of our day. If you are interested in following us or donating to the ACS fund, check us out at If you know of any great places to stop or people along the way to hook up with, send us a message on our blog.