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Boise-Based Filmmakers Begin Shooting Pinewood in Idaho City


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  • Courtesy: Clear as Mudd Films
Beginning Friday, July 7, a new town will be established in rural Boise County—on film, anyway.

Pinewood is the name of a fictional town and the setting of an upcoming film (of the same name) by a group of Idaho-based filmmakers.

“This idea started with a dream Matt Mudd had," said Pinewood Executive Producer Jennifer Levy. “He had a dramatic experience in his life when his younger sister passed away. He suffers from PTSD; He had a nightmare, and that’s the synopsis of [Pinewood].”

Mudd, owner of Boise-based Clear as Mudd Films, is the screenwriter, director and producer of Pinewood, a horror movie about a stranger who stumbles into a mysterious town and can’t get out. In addition to Clear as Mudd, Boise-based companies Northwest Motion Pictures and Tetro Productions are also involved in the production.

“When you do a big feature like this, bringing in the other companies only adds to the value of the production,” said Levy.

Pinewood is being filmed in Boise County, with locations in and around Idaho City.

“Idaho City was an obvious choice for production due to its rich history and beautiful landscape,” said Levy. “We flirted with the idea of other locations, but after doing some scouting, Idaho City and Boise County were the best choice." Levy also said that they had "enough money for production at this point" but are hoping to bring in more for marketing and post-production.

“We will finish the film no matter what,” she added.

The filmmakers plan to submit Pinewood to film festivals, hoping to market the film to Netflix or other high-profile platforms.


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