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Boise-Based Elopement Planners Offer Tips for the Perfect Valentine's Day


SimplyEloped isn't your typical wedding planner. Rather than micro-managing the details of a massive celebration, founders Janessa White and Matt Dalley help couples ditch the grandeur and elope to romantic spots across the country, including New York City, New Orleans and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. After assisting thousands of couples, the Boise-based duo knows all about creating romance, and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, White offered up lessons from elopement that you can use to craft the perfect date night.

1) Come Up With a Plan

"What's nice about our elopements is that we take a lot of time," White said, pointing to the importance of building relationships for couples with photographers, officiants, makeup artists and more.

The same principle holds true for a night out. Sure, maybe you can pull an ideal date out of your pocket at the last minute, but putting some forethought into where you'll go and what you'll do can only help matters. If you haven't yet, now's the time to make those dinner reservations—and if you're smart, make friends with the host. That relationship could help you snag a better table.

2) Make It Your Own

Whether you decide on a date to your favorite restaurant for Valentine's Day, or a brand new experience like ax throwing, snowshoeing or a comedy show, make sure it's a perfect fit for you and your sweetie—not the date-night equivalent to City Hall.

"Start with location. Do you want something that's really personal to your relationship, something that has significant meaning? Like, for me, Redfish Lake has important meaning in my relationship, so if I were to elope I would elope there," White said. "...Or do you want to go somewhere that's fun and new and different? What I tell people is, envision what you want."

3) Bring Props

Flowers and hand-written vows can take a wedding up a notch, but a bottle of wine and a pre-planned compliment or gift can do the same for a date.

"Sometimes it's fun to bring props that are representative of your relationship, or that have a nod in a direction of an inside joke or something like that," White said. "Also, props tend to make photos [if you take them] a lot more fun and a lot more dynamic."