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Boise Bars, Restaurants, Retailers Cited in Alcohol Compliance Checks


In anticipation of some holiday revelers consuming a bit too much cheer, Boise police conducted an alcohol compliance check throughout the city on Dec. 18.

Law enforcement checked 89 establishments, including bars, restaurants and retail stores, and cited nine people for selling or serving alcohol to minors; two doormen who allowed minors into two separate bars and allowed them  to loiter at the bar; and one server who had not received proper server training.

Establishments cited included: Pengilly's, The Cactus Bar, Fred Meyer on Federal Way, Woody's Pub, Walgreens on Federal Way, On the Border Restaurant at the Spectrum, Walmart on Overland Boulevard, 20th Century Lanes and The Green Chile Restaurant on State Street.

A person who sells or furnishes alcohol to an underage youth faces fines between $500-$1,000, plus up to one year in jail. The Boise Police Department provides free training to employees of businesses on Idaho alcohol laws, recognizing fake IDs and how to prevent over-service.