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Boise and Beyond


One of the most common questions asked when Boise Weekly's Best of Boise issue comes out is, "If it's the best of Boise, then why does it include places not in Boise?"

The answer is always the same: Because life in Boise doesn't stop at the city limits.

The Treasure Valley is one big interconnected place, and while we may all have our favorite corners of the valley, living in one town doesn't exclude anyone from playing in another. We at BW are continually amazed by the depth and variety of entertainment, culture and all other aspects of life that we find when we venture beyond the city of Boise.

It was part of the impetus behind our annual Guide to 2C. Four years ago, we turned our gaze the western end of the Treasure Valley, examining what would draw a Boisean there and trying to understand the nature of the community.

Once again, we're delving into an area that is a juxtaposition of traditional rural roots and a growing urban core. For our feature story, regular BW photographer--and Canyon County native--Laurie Pearman turns her lens on the faces of those who make the 2C what it is: from the business owners revitalizing the community, to the farmers helping evolve agriculture, to the Hispanic families who make up the area's fastest-growing demographic.

Of course, since we're all about promoting valley-wide unity, we also have a reason for you to come to Boise.

BW recently debuted our SmartCard program--a smartphone offshoot of our BW Card. To celebrate it, we're hosting a full week of special deals topped off with a cocktail party at Idaho Botanical Garden.

The first thing you need to know is that you must be a SmartCard member to take advantages of the deals, which start Wednesday, Nov. 28. The second thing to know is downloading the app is free and you can get more info at bwsmartcard.boiseweekly.com.

Third, only the first 100 people who buy tickets through their SmartCard apps will be able to get in to the Look Smart BW SmartCard Party at Idaho Botanical Garden on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Tickets cost $25 each and include admission into the garden and its Garden aGlow light display, as well as drinks, music and food in a private heated tent.

We'll be dressing up for this shindig, so bust out your best cocktail-party attire and buy your tickets before they're gone.