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Bob's Burgers Might Make You Go Vegetarian

Cartoon burgers should be funny, right?


If you think kids who mistake raisins stuck on their stomachs for moles--and then eat those moles are funny--there's a new show for you.

Bob's Burgers, about two months into its debut, is a show about Bob Belcher and his family­--a wife with a grating New York accent (voiced by a man), a dumb son who doesn't understand anything and two dumb daughters who don't understand anything. They're trying to run a profitable hamburger shop. And that's about it.

Not that there's anything wrong with a small world. Taxi was pretty limited to cab stuff, after all. It's just that Bob's Burgers is one of those shows for your stupid, stoned friends that you secretly despise, which is much different than a show for the stupid, stoned friends you actually like.

Fox is clearly incapable of producing tonally consistent animated fun, and anybody who expects Family Guy fans to revere the new hamburger show probably owns a few seasons of Dr. Katz on DVD.

H. Jon Benjamin voices Bob. He's the drowsy-voiced guy who has characterized many cartoon oddities, most recently the titular Archer of the new show on FX. He's talented, but you often wonder if he's actually Alan Arkin.

And a lot of Bob's Burgers relies on kids who have stinky feet or are, to quote the show, "pubin' out."

First of all, gross kids aren't exactly a novelty. Look around --the next kid you see will likely be doing something gross, have just done something gross, or be preparing to do something gross.

Also, I doubt that anyone will ever quote Bob the way they do Peter Griffin or the way they used to quote Homer Simpson?

Cow-related material can be amusing but it seems unlikely that "I'm not taking a bath with Moo-lissa" will become a cultural touchstone.