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Bob Schneider at Neurolux


When I think of 94.9 The River, I think of laid-back singalong rock and pop hits from the past two decades. When I think of Bob Schneider, I think of the rugged Austinite who said he was working on a 22-song rock opera titled Fuck All You Motherfuckers. Put the two together--this is a 94.9 The River Presents show--and add in Neurolux as the venue, and Schneider's Dec. 15 stop in Boise could go any direction.

At a Schneider show, audiences get a good dose of his country/pop/Latin-tinged Americana rock, but his sometimes dry sense of humor and wicked story-telling prowess promise that they walk away feeling like they know him--or really want to. On the cover of Lovely Creatures, released in September, a slick-haired Schneider stands posed as though for a class photo, an oozy pink octopus draped across his shoulder like a crossing guard's sash. Who wouldn't want to be pals with that guy?

Tuesday, Dec. 15, with guests. 8 p.m., $18 adv. through Ticketweb, $20 door. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th, 208-343-0886,