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Bo Burnham Tonight


When the rest of Journey realized that Steve Perry was never coming back, they began looking for a new lead singer. One day, when guitarist Neal Schon was clicking through Youtube videos, he came across a young Filipino singer named Arnel Pineda and was stunned. It wasn't just that Pineda had a rockin' set of pipes but that when he sang--especially when he covered Journey songs--he sounded eerily similar to Perry. Pineda was hired and now sings before hundreds of thousands of people as Journey's frontman.

Stand-up comic Bo Burnham was also discovered on Youtube, but not for performing someone else's material. It may sound like he's been around forever to say he has been doing stand-up since he was 16, but the Massachusetts funny man is only 20 years old. In that time, he has gone from relative obscurity to a Comedy Central special, Words Words Words, that aired on the network earlier this month.

Though Burnham found fame and forthcoming fortune via the Internet, the somewhat dry-humored, politically incorrect, guitar/piano-playing, quick-thinking, intellectual comic has a grasp of the English language to rival many an academician. Burnham also understands that to have a lasting career in comedy, sites like Facebook are great, but an artist can't rely on them alone. He has a fan page on Facebook, and he does go on there and interact with people, but he says that isn't enough.

"[Chatting with people on Facebook] is a nice thing to do, but it has become the first thing to do," Burnham said. "There has to be substance over just promoting yourself," Burnham said. "And if you have good material, it will promote itself."