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Blue Scholars

Wednesday, Oct. 26 at Reef


Seattle's rap duo Blue Scholars is about more than just rhymes. The two are self-proclaimed filmmakers, bloggers and travelers, and consider their music just another exercise in storytelling. Their myriad influences are "a mix of audio artifacts and imagination"--whether it be Arizona's SB1070 immigration law on "Joe Arpaio" or the roster of the former Seattle Supersonics basketball team.

Iranian DJ/producer Sabzi makes his underground, throwback hip-hop beats for other musicians to build on. Blue Scholars exists primarily as an Internet collaboration. Filipino rapper MC Geologic lays lyrics on top of Sabzi's tracks.

Song "The Ave" highlights the starburst fusion of culture: lyrics about Seattle's 98118 zip code and vegan sandwiches are laid over conga-esque Cuban horns, with a hook of "Fuck class / get your education on the Ave."

[ Video is no longer available. ]