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Blue Man Goup's Influence on World History


In 3000 B.C., Blue Man Group (BMG) commenced the flooding of the Nile River in Ancient Egypt. Some think it was Osiruis being thrown into the Nile, but it was actually BMG's performance and live recording, Live in Thebes (the recordings were unfortunately destroyed when the stone tablets were dropped while being copied on to an iStone), that caused the Egyptian audience to dance so hard that rain fell from the sky for days, flooding the Nile River valley. This continued on seasonally, flooding the surrounding land and providing fertility to the soil. On the down side of things, BMG naively attempted to paint the Sphinx's face blue. When the sculptor witnessed this, he tried to scare them away by throwing rocks at them and hit the Sphinx in the nose causing its present condition.

At around the year C.E. 1, BMG took a brief hiatus from their touring and performance schedule while in the region known as Palestine in the Roman Empire. On blue feet, they walked through desert sands and followed the brightest star in the night sky, ending up in the small town of Bethlehem just in time for an auspicious birth. They presented gifts of drumsticks, a Drumbone and a Gyro Shot to the young babe.

In the year 378, BMG made their way to the British Isles where a crowd of people and a wizard named Merlin gathered around a rock with a sword in it. While strolling around the village after the previous night's performance, BMG came across this sword in the stone, and one of them pulled it out and generously gave it to Arthur. Arthur became King of England and hired BMG to entertain his court for the next couple of years.

After their Caribbean Tour in 1487, BMG headed north to cooler waters. They discovered the proverbial Northwest Passage and continued with a spontaneous tour of North America making stops at the North Pole with a show titled 1000 Words for Snow, and on a river boat gambling cruise down the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, only to find themselves back in the Caribbean and Yucatan where the Mayan Emperor demanded another brief tour ... or else.

According to the BMG Web site, during most of the 1980s BMG hibernated, sleeping and dreaming of how they could influence the world of art forever. In mid-May of 1988, BMG awoke from a terrible nightmare of ghoulish images of waterfall bangs, the Iran-Contra scandal and cheesy artistic expression. They performed a symbolic burial and "Funeral For the '80s" two years premature, hoping artists around the world would quit making misguided postmodern and deconstructionist art. This funeral procession was led by Boise Weekly's own Sally Freeman, a founding member of the group.

In December 1999, BMG released their debut album Audio and received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Instrumental category. The album went gold. In April 2003, BMG released their second album The Complex, which includes special guests Dave Matthews and Tracy Bonham among others. In October 2005, BMG opened production on a custom-built, state-of-the-art theater at The Venetian in Las Vegas. In February of 2006, producers at BMG recorded four live shows at The Venetian and released Blue Man Group: Live at The Venetian--Las Vegas.

--Vincent Miresse

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