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Blown to Heck


Rockets. Firecrackers. Mortars. Safe and Sane.

My shopping list and daily mantra? Nope, it's a sign I saw outside of a fireworks stand last weekend. All over Ada County, sparkler-hawkers are embracing extreme entertainment and separating their stands into "Safe and Sane" and, presumably, "Unsafe and Insane" sections. You can imagine which side has a better selection, but here's the catch: When you buy a real (fun) explosive, you're require to sign a form promising that you'll blow it up out of state. That's why I love Idaho: We'll sell you everything you need to cram an old baby doll full of M-80s, mortar the Christ out of a friendship pagoda or shoot a bottle rocket up your friend's nose. Just do it somewhere where we can pretend we don't know who you are when you're on Amputee Court.

--Nicholas Collias