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In the Works - Vegas at the Double Down Tonight

I am writing from mostly cloudy Las Vegas today. Sitting in the van that is parked in front of Jason's relatives house. The fellas are inside finally beginning to stir, and we have yet to chat about our plans for the afternoon. We have a show tonight at the Double Down Saloon here in Vegas. It doesn't start till 10PM, so I am sure we will find some kinda trouble round these parts.

I am gonna rewind here and go back to Bakersfield.

Hello Bakersfield......
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  • Hello Bakersfield......

We drove from Oakland to Bakersfield on Tuesday the 18th following our show at Ye Olde Hut. The drive was pretty awesome. Sunshine all the way, and the Harris Ranch didn't reek as much (from the cattle) as the last time we blew through in March. We arrived on Eye Street around 6PM, pulling up to Sandrini's. We love the food there, and Neil & staff always treat us right. This time was no exception. We loaded in, kicked back at the bar watching the Lakers/Suns game and ordered up some food. Their menu consists of Basque and Italian food. I went for the 12oz Steak w/Potatoes & Vegetables, Benny had the Halibut Basquaise, and Serna went Cannelloni on us. We had a few drinks, took plenty of time to set up, and began our set at 10:30PM.
Sandrinis Stage
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  • Sandrini's Stage

We took the time, and dialed our sound in well, it totally paid off. We could hear the vocals better than usual, and everything was balanced quite nicely. They have a nice room to play in, and always treat us well, making Bakersfield one of our favorite stops. After our set, and loading out, we had a little time to hang out with our friend Eddie, before blazing a trail to San Diego.
Ben at Sandrinis
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  • Ben at Sandrini's

We drove through the night for 3.5 more hours to Mission Beach, San Diego, where we had hotel reservations at the Pacific Shores. We arrived at 5:30 am, checked into the room, and passed out. Driving through L.A. at night is the way to go! We experienced it three times this tour, and daytime driving is a bear and a half with a few jackasses thrown in for good measure. I slept in the van at the hotel, giving the beds to the fellas, and woke around 9am, hitting the ground running one block west in the direction of the Pacific Ocean!
Bock-Brunn Mission
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  • Bock-Brunn Mission

The first time we played San Diego, we landed a room at Pacific Shores, and now it has become tradition. There about 40 surfers littering the waves near the pier. I managed to soak up the sun, swim for a bit, and then met up with Benny to stroll PB for the rest of the afternoon. We arrived at the Radio Room around 7PM, and loaded in for the evening. This was our third time within the last year at this particular venue. The High Rolling Loners opened up the night playing a sweet set. We went on second, doing a solid 45 minute set of some our favorite songs off the chordata album. The three piece gang, Old Tiger, finished off the night, melting everyone with their soulfully sweet sounds. They reminded me of older rock and roll. Simple, beautiful tones, great hooks, and well played songs.

We hung out with everyone after the show, popped in to the Soda Bar just down the street for a few, and then split back to Pacific Beach. We checked out the next day around 11am, and headed north to Camarillo. We decided to avoid L.A. and the jackassathon by taking the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) up through Huntington, Laguna, Malibu, etc.

PCH Full Speed Ahead
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  • PCH Full Speed Ahead

The drive was awesome. We could look out the window to the left at the ocean for most of the way, and when you look at where the surface meets the skyline/horizion, you can see the curvature of the earth. Totally amazing. We stopped in Huntington Beach, and grabbed some fried chicken, fresh fruit, and headed to the beach for lunch.
Huntington Beach
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  • Huntington Beach

After some good food, and stretch of the legs, we continued north to Camarillo.
Camarillo Bound
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  • Camarillo Bound

The highway took us under LAX's runway, and when we popped out the other side of a tunnel, a huge 747 blew right over our heads traveling out over the ocean. Rad!
ReBoLt in Camarillo!
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  • ReBoLt in Camarillo!

We arrived in Camarillo around 7PM at Rock City Studios. This was a new venue for us. We were greeted by Kristin, Jan, and staff, who had Subway sandwiches on the way, a private studio room for our gear, and a fruit and veggie platter on deck.
ReVoLt RoOm
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  • ReVoLt RoOm

They run a tight ship at Rock City. There were 3 bands for the evening, we went on second, and were well received. We had a great crowd, and met tons of cool people. Kristin and Jan both made sure we were taken care of and comfortable in Camarillo.
Brunn-Bock-Kristin-Serna @ Rock City Studios
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  • Brunn-Bock-Kristin-Serna @ Rock City Studios

We will most definitely be back to Camarillo.

After the show we headed back to L.A. area to stay with a friend Myla in Topanga Canyon. It's a winding road that twists back into the California hills in the direction of the Pacific Coast. Topanga has been a place of seclusion and peace for movie stars and well known musicians for many years. The place we parked for the night was totally lush.

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  • Serna

We rolled in at 1am, and woke to a jungle like environment. Huge tropical foliage plants, massive trees, and a house built of stone with twisting walk ways. We gathered ourselves, took some pics, and hit the road for Vegas.
Topenga Lush
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  • Topanga Lush

Saddle up
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  • Saddle up

We arrived in Las Vegas around 5pm, pulling up to Jasinz cousin's house. They kicked things off with a rad BBQ, sporting...chicken, corn on the cob, garlic bread, and mashed potatoes w/ a mushroom? gravy: ) It was great company, and awesome to be fed like that when on tour. We were approached by Double Down Radio to do an interview at a local roller rink. So.. we headed down to Karen Street around 830pm, and met up with a fella named Steve. We went inside and checked out the roller derby action. He set us up with the rink as a back drop, and interviewed us, asking questions about the tour, the album, etc.

We are getting some dinner here, and then off to Paradise Rd, for the show at the Double Down Saloon!
Following Vegas, we roll home for a few days, then off to Yakima to play with Tartuffi Friday the 28th, and finally we land again in our own Idaho for Lozerpalooza at Blacks Creek on Saturday the 29th!

Loser Paloosa
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  • Loser Paloosa

All Idaho friends are encouraged to join the fun, BBQ madness, and annual insanity! Click here for directions/info!