Treefort Q&A: Roasting Marshmallows with El Ten Eleven


El Ten Eleven, Dedicated Servers, Slow Magic and Girlfriends roast marshmallows at The Modern.
  • Matthew Wordell
  • El Ten Eleven, Dedicated Servers, Slow Magic and Girlfriends roast marshmallows at The Modern.

Six weeks. That’s how long El Ten Eleven bassist Kristian Dunn’s doctor told him to chill the fuck out after a skiing accident that ended the band’s winter tour. That was six weeks and three days ago.

The So-Cal power duo packed its gear into the official band Nissan Xterra and schlepped up to Boise just to play Treefort. The rest of its next tour won’t start for another week and a half.

BW caught up with Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty, aka, “the rocktopus” at a serious marshmallow roasting session on The Modern Hotel and Bar’s patio with El Ten Eleven, Girlfriends, Dedicated Servers, Slow Magic and Oso Negro. For anyone who’s seen the million-dollar quartet photo from Sun Records, this was Treefort’s version.

BW: What happened in Colorado?

Dunn: “What’s on Facebook is accurate, it’s what happened. I tried to take a jump, I wasn’t high enough, I landed on my side on really hard-packed snow and broke six ribs and collapsed a lung and spent a week in the hospital. I’m still recovering from it. I can’t jump around yet, but I can wear a double-neck [guitar]. I was thinking about it, but I knew if I did it too much, something would go 'boink.'”

BW: Who are you planning on seeing tonight?

Dunn: “Built to Spill. And Shigeto and Shlomo. And anyone else you tell me I should.”

BW: Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick plays a five-neck guitar. Too many? Or just right?

Dunn: “I love that, but does he use all five? I don’t think so. I do give him credit for being older than I am and still carrying a heavy-ass guitar. People don’t realize how heavy those multiple neck guitars are.

BW: So I’m hearing that you would challenge Rick Nielson to a guitar showdown.

DUNN: “As long as I could mostly play bass. I may fake it in El Ten Eleven, but I don’t play guitar very well.”

BW: What are your impressions of Treefort so far?

DUNN: “Awesome. Cold. Good food. Good vibes. Good after-show interviews.

FOGARTY: “Is this an interview?“

DUNN: “He just asked me a question. “