Idahoans Are Happy Tweeters



If you're happy and you know it—you most likely live in the West. That's according to a new report issued by the Vermont Complex Systems Center, which ranked the happiest places to live based on the frequency of either positive or negative words used in tweets sent from around the country.

As outlined in The Atlantic, the group scoured more than 10 million tweets to come up with the results, which showed people seem to be happiest (or at least tweet the happiest) in the West, as well as in Maine. Idaho landed in the No. 3 happiest state slot, following No. 1 Hawaii and No. 2 Utah. The top five were rounded out with Maine and Washington.

Living firmly in bummer land are folks in the South and the Rust Belt, with the most unhappy people (or at least Twitter users) living in Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Michigan and Delaware.

Among cities, the study found that the happiest people live in Napa, Calif., while the most miserable live in Beaumont, Texas.

While we wouldn't bet the farm on the infallibility of the methodology, it's at least something to tweet about.