Bye Bye Skiing?



In the Nov. 7 issue of Boise Weekly, we discussed how different industries are trying to manipulate snowfall for their own purposes. Leading the pack are ski areas, which are depending more heavily on snowmaking equipment to get their slopes open.

According to the Off the Road column, published at, that need may only increase in the near future as climate change forces more ski areas out of business.

The article looks at numerous longstanding ski areas around the world that have been forced to go the way of the dodo—including the lodge at Bolivia’s Chacaltaya Glacier, which was once the world’s highest ski area but is now a desolate rockscape after the glacier melted away.

Ski areas around the world are seeing the effects of a changing climate, and the story goes on to look at the greater dependency on snowmaking—as well as the possibility that less reliable snowfall will push skiing into the realm of activities that only the uber-rich can afford.