Boise Band Space Car to Release Debut Album Tonight at High Note Cafe



In Boise, there isn't always enough of an audience to split between two events happening the same night. If all the music fans are at one club, whatever band is playing elsewhere is often S.O.L.

Tonight may be a good example. Snoop Dogg/Lion is going to be tearing shizzle up at the Revolution Concert House, while local post-rock supahstahs Red Hands Black Feet will drop their debut album at Red Room.

But if you can tear yourself away from either of those shows, there is another new album getting dropped in Boise tonight, from punky acoustic trio Space Car.

If you've ever been drunk in Old Town, you've probably seen Space Car members dressed as Waldo, belting out raucous acoustic tunes in front of Humpin' Hannah's. Tonight, Space Car will play a rare indoor set at the High Note Cafe, and it will be chock-full of all the acoustic guitars, shakers and dreadlocked dreamboats you'd expect from a band named Space Car.

The lads will be going on at 10 p.m. and the show is free. Copies of the self-titled debut—which you can preview below—will be available at the show.