The Teaser for Landfill Harmonic May Make You Cry


This violin was made from garbage.
  • This violin was made from garbage.

Typically, when a Web video is labeled "AMAZING!!!," with all caps and three exclamations points, it is everything but.

The video posted below actually is amazing.

It's a teaser from an upcoming documentary called Landfill Harmonic, which tells the story of a youth orchestra in Cateura, Paraguay, that is so poor, it must make instruments from trash salvaged from the landfill that the village is built on.

But the hell if that will hold them back. The classics flow forth smoothly from a steel barrel cello and garbage box violins.

"Our film shows how trash and recycled materials can be transformed into beautiful sounding musical instruments, but more importantly, it brings witness to the transformation of precious human beings," the filmmakers wrote on the film's Facebook page.

Watching the clip, it's hard to disagree. You may even tear up a little. The video is capital A-mazing.