Video: Baby Elephant Born at Portland Zoo


Baby elephant born at Portland Zoo.
  • Portland Zoo
  • A baby elephant was born at the Portland Zoo this morning.

After 30 hours of labor, a 300 pound baby was born at 2:30 this morning. For most ladies, that would be about the worst thing imaginable.

But for Rose-Tu, an elephant at the Portland Zoo, it was about par for the course. Elephant labor typically lasts several days and wild elephants generally give birth at night to have a more peaceful environment.

How is this giant baby?

"The calf is beautiful, healthy, tall and very vigorous. As soon as she hit the ground—before she was even out of the amniotic sac—she was wiggling. And she's vocalizing loudly. ... She's definitely got a great set of pipes," Zoo Director Kim Smith told The Oregonian.

Those pipes can be heard in video of the newborn below. And we're going to warn you now, it's pretty adorable.

[ Video is no longer available. ]