Video: New Starbucks Blend Will Put You Back $7 a Cup


A half-pound bag of Geisha / Costa Rica Finca Palmiera costs $40
  • A half-pound bag of Starbucks' Geisha/Costa Rica Finca Palmilera costs $40.

Coming soon to a Starbucks near you: a $7 cup of coffee.

Starbucks has unveiled its most expensive coffee yet—a rare Costa Rican blend known as "Geisha"—that costs $40 for half-pound bag, $6 for a tall cup and $7 for a grande, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

For now, the Geisha variety is only available in 48 stores, half of them in Seattle, and the stores can't keep it in stock. According to the Post-Intelligencer, an online Starbucks offering the blend earlier this month sold out in 24 hours.

Jimmy Kimmel even got in on the craze on his late-night show. You can watch that below: