Sawtooth Music Festival Calls it Quits


The Sawtooth Music Festival is officially cancelled.
  • Allison Shomkaer
  • The Sawtooth Music Festival has officially been canceled.

Today, the Sawtooth Music Festival issued what it called "officially the worst press release we've ever had to write." It said that the festival is officially being discontinued after eight years.

From the press release:

It is with great sadness that we must announce that the 2012 Sawtooth Music Festival was, unfortunately, our last. There will not be a 2013 Sawtooth Music Festival. The mayor and city council of Stanley have made it impossible for us to continue. The city has imposed new financial burdens on us while simultaneously limiting our capacity to 2,000 people (we had 2,700 in 2012). This combination is ultimately and financially crippling.

As of press time, Boise Weekly is still waiting for comment from the Stanley Mayor's Office.