Need Something To Do Thursday?


The City Peanut Shop will host beer/nut pairings on First Thursday.
  • Laurie Pearman
  • The City Peanut Shop will host beer and nut pairings on First Thursday.

Today is First Thursday, and the best plan of attack during downtown Boise's most hoppin' weekday is to wander—Boise Weekly in hand—through the City of Trees in search of entertainment.

While many businesses will be open late or have items on sale, downtown is a vast area to canvas, and the savvy adventurer may be interested in some guidance. Below are two promising food-oriented First Thursday options:

Bittercreek Ale House
Halloween may be over, but autumn hasn't called it quits just yet. Bittercreek is hosting a Pumpkin Party, including pumpkin-themed food like pumpkin bisque and winter squash tart, along with 11 pumpkin beers especially for First Thursday. For more info, call 208-345-1813 or visit

City Peanut Shop
Beer and nuts are an age-old combination, but City Peanut Shop is making it official with a pairing. Which nuts go with which beer? Find out First Thursday. Click here for details.