Parrotheads Party On at Jimmy Buffett Tailgate Pregame


Bob and Marleen Stowe hang out in tiki bar they built themselves.
  • Jordyn Price
  • Bob and Marleen Stowe hang out Oct. 25 in the tiki bar they built themselves.

What’s the best place to see adults getting day drunk? Apparently at the Jimmy Buffett tailgate party—where shots of tequila flowed freely and the dress code was strict on grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and anything else hiding in the back of your dad’s closet.

On Oct. 25, if you happened to pass by Bronco Stadium, you may have noticed a surge of people packed into the parking lot. And while there were barbecues and beers aplenty, this was not your average tailgating experience. Rather than drinking in celebration of football, Buffett fans (or Parrotheads) gathered to pregame the Jimmy Buffett concert taking place that night at the nearby Taco Bell Arena.

The tailgate was somewhat reminiscent of an adult Disneyland mixed with Spring Break party—grown men hollering at those passing by to come take Jell-O shots and women rushing around in their coconut bras to get their picture taken with strangers in parrot costumes and shark hats.

In short, Buffett fans know how to party.

While some Parrotheads were taking their first sip of a margarita around 5 p.m., many had been there as early as 8 a.m., yet they showed no signs of slowing down. For a few at the tailgate party, this was their first time seeing Buffet live in concert, while a number of others had managed to make it a lifestyle.

Fans such as Bob and Marleen Stowe have been to 30 or more Buffett concerts and have even traveled as far as Paris to see him perform. From pirate costumes and parrot masks to “Jimmy Buffett for President” signs hanging from cars, there is no doubt that his fans are dedicated.

Party on Parrotheads, party on.

Andy and Linda Enrico are first time Jimmy Buffett concert-goers.
  • Jordyn Price
  • Andy and Linda Enrico are first-time Jimmy Buffett concert-goers.

Chad Collins and Randy Benedict pose in their shark costumes.
  • Jordyn Price
  • Chad Collins and Randy Benedict pose in their shark costumes.