Write to the President and Demand Money, Pleads Bill Nye


CEO of the Planetary Society, blasphemer and general "science guy" Bill Nye is a bit irked about cuts in government funding for planetary exploration.

He's raised his concerns with the U.S. Congress, the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and still things aren't in order. That's why in a recent video, he's going straight to the top, and guldernit, he wants your help. Doing what, exactly? Writing to President Barack Obama to kvetch about the lack of dough for space travel.

“Even if you don’t like the president, we’d like you to write to him because he’s the guy that can make that last thing happen to make sure that the budget for planetary science gets restored," said Nye in a video.

Make what happen, exactly? A mission to Mars and Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter, both of which scientists believe are the most likely places in our solar system to find extraterrestrial life. And even the budget hawks have to admit, finding extraterrestrial life would be super-neato.

For Nye's full pitch, watch the video below.