Space Invader Launched Into Space


An unknown Parisian artist who calls him or herself The Invader has made a habit of installing tiled mosaic images of villains from the 8-bit video game Space Invaders on everything from the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles to the bottom of the ocean.

But over the summer, The Invader kicked it up a notch and launched some art into outer-freakin'-space with a weather balloon.

What did that look like? Funny you should ask, since video of the act was just released a few days ago.

From The Invader's website:

Here is the first footage of Space-one, the mosaic I sent to space on August 22nd 2012. It starts with the burst of the balloon at its highest position in the stratosphere. A movie about the whole project is under preparation. Stay tuned ...

Well, you heard the Internet, stay tuned. But first watch the video.

Now if only we could get The Invader to do an installation to Spacebar Arcade ...