Black Hunger Celebrates First Anniversary With No Reflections


After a year at 2606 Breneman St., Black Hunger will celebrate the beginning of a second year with the show No Reflections.

And as part of the celebration, the collective is giving away free art today, Saturday, Sept. 29, beginning at 7 p.m.

Each of Black Hunger's visual artists, Jon Sadler, Eamonn Parke, Maria Chavez, Erin Cunningham, Elijah Jensen-Lindsey and Eli Craven, have created five new works and concealed them in opaque paper wrappings.

All 30 pieces will be gifted to the first visitors to the space as a way of saying "thank you." Each piece is anonymous until freed from its packaging.

Despite the name No Reflections, the evening will be a time to reflect on a year's worth of successful exhibits.

Black Hunger began in December 2011 with Le Ramrod, and has swelled into a popular community space since. The collective has since displayed a damaged Jeff Koons' sculpture in the satirical Broken Puppy exhibit, Elijah Jensen's Dying Letter Office, Stephen Eichhorn's One Picture Show and Eliza Fernand's Quilt Stories.

As usual, Abi Thomas will serve her selection of tasty snacks, which netted Black Hunger a Best of Boise award this year for Best Spread to Spread the Word.