Lowman Ranger District Closes Campgrounds



Opportunities for summer-style recreating are quickly winding down—more quickly in some areas than others, especially if you had plans to head to Lowman to do some camping.

The Lowman Ranger District is doing a rotating closure of the Cozy Cove, Barney’s, Hower’s and Riverside campgrounds to remove trees that are potentially hazardous to campers. All of the campgrounds are on the Deadwood Reservoir and closures will depend on where workers are each day.

Because of this, U.S. Forest Service folks advise anyone who wants to camp in the area to call or check which campgrounds are closed before they head to the hills. All campgrounds are expected to reopen by Wednesday, Oct. 3.

For more information, call the Lowman Ranger District at 208-259-3361 or visit the website.