Nineties Boise Punk Band, Freak in a Jar, Reunites at The Shredder


The guys behind Freak in a Jar, then and now.
  • Julie Kelley
  • The guys behind Freak in a Jar, then and now.

Boise band Freak in a Jar hasn't played shows regularly since 1996. But on Saturday, Aug. 11, at 8 p.m., the band will host a release party at The Shredder to debut a project the punk trio has been working on for more than a year.

"Jason Howell, our bass player, lives in San Francisco," said drummer Brent Kelley. "So we’ve been working remotely. We've been using Dropbox a lot."

After the band split, Howell, Kelley and guitarist John Kuehne settled into families and full-time jobs.

Freak in a Jar once played regular gigs at The Crazy Horse, the former rock chateau that is now occupied by Red Room. Kelley said they started the band when they were 15 years old—back when the Crazy Horse was an all-ages venue. They also recorded two cassettes and a split 7-inch release with local band Skidfish.

Freak in a Jar spilling punk rock.

"We love those old songs, and people seem to remember them, so we thought we’d record them in pretty decent quality," said Kelley.

But Kelley said the band also had the idea to put together a new album—a compilation of old tracks with some new songwriting.

"The new album is a lot of songs from back then," said Kelley. "And some new ones. It’s 19 songs total, including three new ones and a cover song by Operation Ivy. We’ll probably have a download code for that one."

The band worked on the project casually, sharing pieces of tracks online. Howell plans to fly back to Boise for the big show. Local bands The Meatballs and Social Antitote will share the stage for what Kelley hopes is a big party. Fans can get their hands on the recording for $5.

Kelley was still unsure of what the future will hold for the band.

"We’ve talked about writing more new stuff collaboratively, maybe doing more covers, but probably not more shows," he said. "I don’t see that happening at all."

In the mean time, Kelley and Kuehne are working on another project, Laengthengurthe.