A Video Tour of Boise's Best Bunkers


In this week's edition of Boise Weekly, we dove into every apocalyptic topic we could muster.

From the prepper real estate agent slinging houses for "when the shit hits the fan," to how to properly stock one's subterranean panic room with nonperishable goods, a lot of surviving doomsday has to do with preparation and accommodation.

To find the best post-apocalyptic digs, BW descended into Kuna's caves, the Idaho State Capitol mall's network of underground concrete hallways, and a 1960's bomb-shelter-turned-recording-space in the Boise Foothills.

Based on the movies, we know arming oneself at the Governor's Mansion on Simplot Hill or on the roof of the Boise Towne Square mall are surefire ways to get surrounded by whatever enemies remain.

So don't let brain-hungry zombies get you. Check out our video guide to the Valley's primo survival spots.

[ Video is no longer available. ]