Need Something To Do Monday?



Wanna spend a week in space without all that time-consuming astronaut training or having to raise a bunch of money?

Good. Because this week, you can explore space on the cheap without leaving Boise—no training or space suit required. The Discovery Center of Idaho will hold its sixth-annual Idaho Space Days celebration beginning today and continuing through Saturday, July 14. This year's theme is the Privatization of Space Travel.

The far-out activities today include model rocket launches and an Airplane to the Moon presentation byTori Powers, DCI outreach coordinator, at 3 p.m. The rest of the week's activities include a talk by retired NASA astronaut Wendy Lawrence titled Human Spaceflight in the Post-Shuttle Era, face time with Boise State Distinguished Educator in Residence Barbara Morgan and show-and-tell sessions with Tony Leavitt, NASA education specialist. And there's a whole bunch more going on throughout the week.

Times vary depending on the day and activity, and regular admission rates apply. Check out DCI's website for more info.